Welcome to The Director’s Vision

This blog was launched as a source of information for and a venue for conversation among directors of dramatic stories.  I hoped it would prove useful to students of stage directing and early-career theatre directors, but mid-career and master directors, as well as directors of screen media, audio media, and interactive media, have always been more than welcome.  I have also used the blog to update, correct, supplement, and enrich the material in The Director’s Vision (Second Edition) by Louis E. Catron and Scott Shattuck.  That’s a textbook intended primarily as a resource for students in introductory college-level courses in play directing.  I’m Scott Shattuck, co-author of this new edition; the late  Prof. Lou Catron of the College of William and Mary passed away before I began the process of revising and updating the book in 2012.  There’s some information about my background and a little more about the book on the “About” page.

Over time the blog has become less and less active, but I do continue to post up-to-date links, leads, and other resources on the related Facebook page at facebook.com/thedirectorsvision, so please feel free to follow that page. If and when I do post a new item on the blog, I will make it known on the Facebook page.

Please feel free to chime in with comments, additional information, questions, and concerns, whether about the book or the subject of directing.  Without the participation of readers (hopefully including fellow students and teachers of directing as well as amateur and professional directors) the blog won’t be as helpful to readers or to me as it can be with your contributions and interactions.  Since the blog has become so infrequently active, it is faster and more reliable to reach me via the Facebook page.  Let’s talk directing!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Director’s Vision

  1. So glad to see this Scott! Would like to take a look at your book for my intro to directing class – how do I get a copy for perusal?
    Rick Corley

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    • Thanks for your comment Anthony. I’m not sure what to suggest. Perhaps a panel discussion at a conference of any organization of which you may be a member? Or organize a discussion event at your school if you’re a student or faculty member? CSC has “talkbacks” and “symposia” scheduled around the January 9, 12, 16, and 19 performances of Mother Courage, but I know that’s not a practical option for most people.


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