I’m Scott Shattuck, the author of this blog.  I’m the co-author of The Director’s Vision (Second Edition).  I am now semi-retired as an administrator in higher education, having worked for a few years until 2020 in the dean’s office of the College of Fine Arts at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA), a regional comprehensive university in Texas. (http://finearts.sfasu.edu).  I previously served for several years as the director of SFA’s School of Theatre (http://theatre.sfasu.edu).  I am now primarily a teacher of directing and director of productions for my university.  My background includes work as a professional stage director, arts administrator (primarily as producing and artistic director of a mid-sized professional theatre company in New York City), stage manager, and actor.  I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in drama (directing was my concentration) from the University of Texas at Austin.  I have also taught acting, play analysis, theatre history, introduction to theatre, theatre appreciation, and a few related things.

The Director’s Vision: Play Direction from Analysis to Production (Second Edition) by Louis E. Catron and Scott Shattuck was published by Waveland Press, Inc. in May 2015 (the copyright date is 2016).  It is available for class adoption directly from the publisher at http://www.waveland.com or info@waveland.com, and individual copies are available from Amazon.

The Director’s Vision was originally written by Prof. Louis E. Catron, late of the College of William and Mary.  The first edition stood for decades as one of a handful of standard textbooks in use in college-level directing courses throughout the United States and beyond.

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