Directions to a Blog


Just a quick post today to direct you to another cool blog (see what I did there?).  New York-based director Cat Parker has assembled an impressive array of sharp interviews with colleagues she calls “NYC’s Indie Stage Directors.”  They make for insightful, informative, interesting reading, and I recommend them to fellow students of directing.

I hope you’ll visit Cat’s blog, DirectorSpeak.

A tip of the hat to the great Regina Taylor for making me aware (on Facebook) of the existence of Cat’s blog.

One thought on “Directions to a Blog

  1. What a wonderful blog! So glad to find out about you, too. Thanks for sharing the link to DirectorSpeak – I hope it can be helpful to your readers. After reading your bio, I will point out a few points of similarity – I used to live in Texas, I’m also a member of SDC and I love dogs – but you lost me on the football, lol! Thanks again for the share.


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